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We are passionate storytellers.

If we don’t engage your audience, why bother? We know this because so many on our staff came from careers in journalism. They know not to bury the lead and how to make an impact. They’ll do the same thing for your project.

We are corporate business people.

We were born at one of the 10 biggest companies in America–United Health Group, so we actually “get” that boring legal and procurement stuff! We’ve since evolved from solely serving in-house clients into a leading corporate video and motion graphics production agency in Minneapolis and beyond.

We are highly experienced, award-winning video experts.

With 30 years and countless awards under our belts, you’re working with a highly talented and experienced team. You won’t find fancy offices or dogs roaming our halls. What you will find is a team of skilled production individuals with exceptional work ethics.

What’s the Tilt Motion value proposition?

Laser focus on producing corporate videos that achieve results
Helping our clients look great with very little work on their part
Combining creativity with business savvy
Serious value (we respect your budget and timelines)
Deep understanding of health care and corporate business in general
And, if you’re lucky, a bit of fun along the way!

Let us get things moving for your organization.