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The Dos and Don’ts of Video Marketing to Executives

Time is money. No one understands that better than busy senior executives. A recent survey of 87 business and government leaders confirms there are proven guidelines when video marketing this high-powered audience.

The September 2016 edition of Harvard Business Review describes video “click bait” best practices – based on the survey findings – when targeting C-suite executives and government leaders. They include:

Keep it short.

More than half the leaders surveyed said they generally wouldn’t watch videos that are longer than three minutes.

Feature VIPs.

More than two-thirds said that the most appealing clips include a respected figure, such as a journalist or a big thinker.

Highlight key takeaways.

The most often-cited reasons to click on a video include “relevance to my industry” and “to gain information for my job.”

DON’T Air live broadcasts mid-afternoon.

Executives mostly watch at night (54%), over lunch (30%), or upon waking up (10%). Consider emailing video links after hours.

DON’T Obsess about mobile.

Fully 82% of the leaders surveyed watch primarily on a laptop or desktop.

DON’T Rely on executives to make the videos go viral.

Although they frequently share videos with colleagues, they do so chiefly by e-mail (76%) and typically send a link to just one recipient.

(Source: The Science of Business Sharing by Alpha Grid in partnership with Unruly)

This survey sampled a relatively small group of respondents, yet it confirms what professional video production firms like Tilt Motion have known for a long time: when video marketing to executives – less is more and every frame must count!

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