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Health care benefits. There’s a better way to communicate the details.

Everyone wants health care benefits. But no one wants to read about them, especially new employees who are overwhelmed with mountains of other new job- related information. Many are still trying to find the bathroom while they’re being asked to choose their health care benefit plan after digesting lengthy manuals explaining the options (yeah, right!).

Smart companies are using video to cut through the clutter. Tilt Motion, a leading Minneapolis video production company, is helping many companies with this special type of “explainer” video.

Getting the details straight – while ensuring employees stay awake for the presentation – requires a careful balance of accuracy and engagement.

Call it Tilt’s sweet spot: we know how to tell stories, even ones involving deductibles and co-pays, that engage employees and help them to make informed decisions on a deadline.

Maybe it’s our birthplace as an in-house video production company at United Health Group. Maybe it’s the fact that many of our videographers, production managers and video editing staffers are former journalists. But whatever the reason, Tilt understands the nuances of health care – and how to use video to explain them – better than any other video production company anywhere. And we’re consummate professionals so you can forget about expensive “scope creep” and missed schedules, which happens to be quite healthy for your bottom line!

Let us get things moving for your organization.

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