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Super Bowl Results…. Without the Super Bowl Budget

Ever wonder why Super Bowl commercials create so much buzz? Those commercials are, at their essence, among the most effective product videos in the world. Not a big surprise considering their enormous Hollywood budgets.

But product videos do not need super-sized budgets or internationally renowned videographers or video editors to create buzz and, more importantly, generate sales for your company’s products.

Take it from Tilt Motion, a leading Minneapolis video production company. We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s leading brands to create videos that engage customers and inspire them to buy. We understand what it takes to turn viewers into buyers, while sticking to a sane budget and timetable.

Using video to promote products makes good business sense. Retailers know that products whose marketing mix includes video sell significantly better than products without video representation.

Our video agency focuses exclusively on corporate clients. We “get” business. And, as our many satisfied clients can attest, we’re scary good at what we do. That means creating product videos that quickly and dramatically grab attention and drive action that benefits your bottom line.

Let us get things moving for your organization.

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