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With more than one billion websites (and increasing daily) online today, it’s no wonder that video beats word-based messages hands down. In fact, more than 100 million people report watching videos online every day. Even discounting silly kittens and cute babies, millions of these videos relate to products and services, and many of them are shared through social media online – many times via mobile devices.

Not surprisingly, video production companies produce the vast majority of the most effective social media videos.

Minneapolis video production company Tilt Motion includes expert videographer and production specialists who understand today’s online, digitally connected world. We know that videos, including corporate videos, need to be social ready in our fast-paced, highly connected and mobile age.

That’s why we create memorable content and employ award-winning video editing specialists so your production can be forwarded, shared, re-tweeted, rated and reviewed. When your video is created by our corporate video production professionals, you gain the possibility for more positive brand exposure than ever before.

When developing video for social media purposes, we consider a variety of factors:

  • Length of video
  • Pace
  • Digitization compatibility
  • Platform compatibility
  • Searchablity/discovery
  • Brand value
  • Hosting platforms
  • Shareability
  • Relevance/timeliness
  • Meme value

Tilt Motion is passionate about making sure your video production produces maximum results on your own web properties and on all leading digital platforms. So if you’re ready to get social, count on Tilt to make social media video content that gets your brand noticed in a big way.

Let us get things moving for your organization.

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