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You’re asking a team to raise the bar. One video can demonstrate how.

Modeling great performance and inspiring your team takes more than words. Leaders lead by example – and using well-made training videos is an excellent way to help your team visualize the level of performance you’re seeking.

Technical instruction is not enough. Tilt Motion helps you deliver audio and visual training presentations completely in sync with your brand and culture. It’s the difference between making a powerful impression and making no impression at all. For leaders in the second category, that means wasted time explaining how to get the job done right. (We have a sneaky feeling you have better things to do with your time!)

What’s the Tilt Motion Difference?

We’re all about getting the job done right the first time. It all starts with a superior process that begins with the end in mind: What will employees do differently after watching the presentation? What will they tell other employees about what they’ve learned?

Understanding your video training end game means we can craft a script that includes all the right plays. You can help with insight about their frame of mind: Are employees skeptical? What challenges do they face? How can you help them?

Building rapport is critical in effective training. Video training is no exception. That’s why we dive into the deep end of your company’s cultural pool to make the maximum impact on employee behavior. Our presentations take into account such factors as: How do employees interact individually and as a team? How loose or buttoned down is your culture?

Language is another bridge to building understanding. Not surprisingly, all people like to learn in a language style they find most comfortable. Tilt Motion gives this careful consideration as we make decisions about the tone, length and type of narration talent, along with music and motion graphics, for your unique training video.

The result–training videos that express your company’s voice and inspire employees to perform at optimal levels no matter what the purpose:

  • Employee Orientation
  • Sales Training
  • Product Demonstration
  • Management Communication
  • Employee Communication
  • Translation
  • Compliance Programs
  • Q&A / Feedback

Let us get things moving for your organization.

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Let us get things moving for your organization.